Trainer “BISEG” Program

We’re hiring!

We are looking for an external team of trainers. This external trainer will provide training on business planning in 18 BISEG assisted villages spread across 6 districts (Lembata, Manggarai Barat, Sumba Barat Daya, Alor, Rote, and Belu). Details can be seen in the poster and TOR attached with this vacancy.

CIS Timor is a forum for collecting the rights of victims and providing protection and empowerment for the economically marginalized society and improving the quality of life, developing Human Resources, Natural Resources, the Environment, Social Resources, and Fund Resources and fully devoted to the service community, in particular raising the standard of living and physical well-being and spirituality in all fields, social and economic life through social welfare efforts to strengthen the capacity and self-reliance, professionalism and self-reliance of the community, with loyalty to the ideals of independent, neutral, democratic, supportive independent, caring for association development, responsible and improve the common welfare.

CIS Timor has been working in East Nusa Tenggara since 09th of September 1999 and aim to: build prosperity of citizens through food security, the strengthening of livelihoods, and capacity building, build preparedness and emergency response to natural disaster, social conflict, and negative effect of climate change, building a healthy society with access to basic service, promoting and educating human rights for community and strengthening civil society organizations, building a culture of inclusion, building peace movement and pluralism, and also building partnerships with government and parties.


Silakan unduh TOR for trainer disini

Narahubung : Kichi Jacob | Program Manager (+62 857-2726-2996)


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